Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Found a connection - heres a few more photos

First picture is of Holly, Patrick and Tom. Taken on their patio over looking Howlands Landing. Next is a photo of me and Jack, on a hike one morning, followed by a paddle board expedition. And a few landscape shots as well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving on

We arrived in Avalon today. Wondering why we left the sweet cove at Howlands Landing........ It was a great launch into our new way of life. Jack met a boy his age, Tommy, who lives on the island. His Parents Tom and Holly, manage the camp in this beautiful cove. They made us feel very at home in their back yard. The weather could not have been better - as well as the new friends we made. Sailors make friends quick, and the bonds last a life time. I know when we return to Howlands Landing one day, Jack and Tommy will pick up right where they left off, as we will with his parents.

Living on the water - the sunsets have been amazing, as well as the sun rises these past few days. The heat wave that swept through southern California was icing on the cake for us. It gave us a taste of what the tropics will be like - minus the bugs. The warm air at nights blew through our windows, and living in a swim suit for days on end was pure heaven. Not sure if we will be able to beat these last few days. On a perfect scale of of 1 - 10, we would rate this past week a 50. The internet connection we have wont let me load any photos, so once we get to San Diego next week I will post a few.

Snorkeling with Leapord Sharks

Here are just a few shots from our snorkel with the family of leapord sharks that live in the cove we spent the last 10 days in. Jack will also post a few on his blog as well. On one day, we counted as many as 18 swimming in a circle under neath us. It was magical.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 4 - Catalina Island

Our days have been full of adventure so far. Starting with our first anchorage. Patrick and Jack went by dinghy up to Two Harbors, a local port, for some supplies. I was enjoying my time alone on the boat, soaking up the sun. A dive boat pulled next to us, and proceeded to unload a boat full of divers, so my time alone did not last. I then noticed that we were drifting closer and closer to a rock we were achored near and surrounded now by a huge kelp bed - which means our anchor was no longer holding, and we were starting to drift. Just as I made this realization, I saw Patrick and Jack on the horizon - heading back to me. So here we were - in a kelp bed, surrounded by divers - drifting towards the rocks. Not a good situation. To top it off - the winds had just picked up, blowing 20 knots right at us. We had no choice but to start the engines and try to pull out of there, with high hope of not running over any divers! We lost the port side engine, and could not manage to get our self lined up with the anchor chain to raise it. Patrick called the harbor patrol, and he was there in a blink of an eye, tied a line on our bow, and pulled us out of the kelp bed and away from the rocks. Patrick did his best steering with one engine in 20 knot winds, and Jack and I raised the chain. Once we were out of the kelp, our port side engine kicked into gear, and we were out of danger. We then picked up a mooring in Howllands Landing and took a deep breath! A popular summer spot - now empty. It is heaven. The water is so clear, you can see the bottom. We are going to stay here for another week, and enjoy snorkeling with the family of Leopard Sharks this place is famous for, and tons of bat rays, which we can see off our swim step. The water visibility is amazing, and we are tucked out of the wind! The pictures in this post include Jack, getting ready to snorkel, sun rise, a view of the beach, and the other photo shows all the empty mooring balls off our starboard side. I am sure many more adventures and close calls await us on this journey. With views like this - everyday, all day - It is worth it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We made it! The crossing was uneventful. We left the dock at 5:30 am, and arrived at 4:30pm. 11 hours of light winds and calm seas made for a pleasant crossing. So we are "official" cruisers. Still in familiar territory, so the reality hasn't hit me yet. Feels like a summer trip so far. The sun is out, and the water is beautiful blue. We will be here for two weeks. Next stop is San Diego.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Friends, and the connections we make on this path are what make everything meaningful. It is not the amount of money you have, or possessions you own that fill your heart with joy. It is people. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women who inspire me, make me laugh, and fill my heart up. I will miss these beautiful faces. Saying "goodbye" has been the hardest part of this experience so far. The work, and the provisioning has been easy in comparison. We untie our lines tomorrow at 5 am. Life as I know it is about to change in ways I am not even able to imagine. One thing that will remain unchanged is the love I have for all the people who have crossed my path so far. I am so blessed because of you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The sun is out!!!!! The sun is out!!!!!!!

There is nothing better then being on a boat, when the sun is out! My herbs are happy and so am I. Still here in the Ventura Harbor. Patrick has been working on our taxes and getting us financially ready to leave the US for two years. It is taking longer then expected, but we do plan and hope to leave - for real this time - on Friday. Jack and I have been keeping busy while Patrick is busy taxing away. We ride our fold up mountain bikes daily as part of our PE class. I have gotten into a nice routine of waking up, going for a run on the beach, a yoga practice of Yin and Yang., usually before Jack even wakes up. From there - school and errands take up most of the day. Walking into the harbor for ice cream in between English and Science is a usual event as well. Alex and Blake have both come by for sleep overs with their little brother, and Jack is always so happy to see them. He will miss them, more then I think he knows at this point. Life has become very sweet and slow paced already. Next post will be from Catalina, I am ready to cut the dock lines and go!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One week later

One week of living on the boat, and another foggy day here in the Ventura Harbor. Makes me really appreciate the sun when it comes out. I know soon enough the sun will be baking our decks on a daily basis once we hit the tropics, so I am trying to enjoy this gloom. Can hardly wait to live in a swim suit 24/7. Life has come to a very slow pace now that all the provisions are tucked away, and the work is done. Found a place to lay my mat and practice yoga. The view is nice, and the ocean air/prana is fantastic. Today, Jack and I finished our first day of "school", and we had a lot of fun. Jack said I am going to be a good teacher - he was shocked when I told him it was time for art class - and he asked if we could have art everyday - of course we can! I even managed to upload a few pic's, and will help Jack post a few on his blog too. Everything is falling into place so beautifully.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Adjusting to the fog, the slow slow Internet, ( can't post any photo's at this time with this connection) and life on a boat. So far so good. No TV - which has not been a problem since we watched very little on land. Two years with no TV. Anyone up for the challenge of that???? It is actually frees up time for more worth while activities. We are getting into a familiar routine and I finally went for an early am run into the harbor then made my way onto the beach. Saluted the sun in the fog with a few salutations - and guess what? The sun came peaking through the fog, and it ended up being a beautiful sunny day. After four days of no sun at all It was a magical moment. Today is another story, socked in once again......Inland temps have been in the high 90's/100's - here in the Ventura Marina, 50's/60's. I drove into magical Ojai the other day with my good good great friend Lara, and I just wanted to sit on a rock like a lizard and bake myself red in the sun.

Many friends have dropped by to wish us well, and to say so long. Feeling very blessed by all the love that we will be taking with us. Our target date for departure is Saturday the 11th - early am. Feeling ready to head out of the fog and into the wind.....and into a new way of being.